• Everyone

    is on a journey…

  • We travel on invisible roads

    across miles that cannot be measured…


    love, friendship, tragedy, pain, joy, eternity…


    we want to help you on your way.

Church without all the dust


Too often the search for a helpful spirituality leaves people tangled in confusing old language and lost in maze-like organisations that are detached from real life. We’re trying to create a community with a fresh accessible approach to the big questions of life.

We simply want to be people who are…




Come and see any Sunday morning at 11 at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction. You’ll enjoy live music with the i61 band, drama and a useful message. Plus, if you have children, they can enjoy a superfun Sunday school that gives them space to think and grow. There is plenty going on during the week too.

What’s new here?

Apple logo on a throne

The Apple iThrone

When Adam and Eve bit into the fruit in the Garden of Eden, they had no idea they had just […]

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The Matrix

God at the Movies: The Matrix

Are you ready to take the red pill? Gill Houghton’s message points us to a reality and an adventure found in Jesus […]

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God at the Movies: The Hobbit

God at the Movies continues with Tim Gough and The Hobbit. God calls us on an epic journey, one that always […]

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Wreck-it Ralph

God at the Movies: Wreck-It Ralph

Our God at the Movies series continues with Wreck-It Ralph. Jeff Gill will be talking about what to do when […]

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