• Everyone

    is on a journey…

  • We travel on invisible roads

    across miles that cannot be measured…


    love, friendship, tragedy, pain, joy, eternity…


    we want to help you on your way.

Church without all the dust


Too often the search for a helpful spirituality leaves people tangled in confusing old language and lost in maze-like organisations that are detached from real life. We’re trying to create a community with a fresh accessible approach to the big questions of life.

We simply want to be people who are…




Come and see any Sunday morning at 11 at Cineworld, Llandudno Junction. You’ll enjoy live music with the i61 band, drama and a useful message. Plus, if you have children, they can enjoy a superfun Sunday school that gives them space to think and grow. There is plenty going on during the week too.

What’s new here?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

God at the Movies 2015

This Sunday, 31 May, we kick off one of our favourite series of the year: God at the Movies. Steve […]

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What’s stopping you?

Are you holding on to limiting belief systems? I’m too young. I’m too old, I’m a woman. I’m a man. […]

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John and Sue Stephens

Sue Stephens

Sue and her husband John and their sons have been part of i61 for eight years. Recently Sue was diagnosed […]

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The Reluctant Hero

Gideon thought he wouldn’t amount to much but God had other ideas for his life. What was it like to […]

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